hotfixHot Fix

Hot Fix addresses issues for a specific client. Hot Fix can only be used when receiving support from TmaxSoft, and cannot be distributed externally without prior consent from TmaxSoft. TmaxSoft does not guarantee that two different fixes will work together simultaneously. TmaxSoft recommends that only clients who are experiencing the specific issues apply the Hot Fix.

securitySecurity Fix

Security Fix addresses particular security issues. TmaxSoft distributes Security Fix along with Hot Fix, and can only be used through institutions supported by TmaxSoft. TmaxSoft recommends that all clients apply the Security Fix.


Fix, a combination of Hot Fix and Security with Fix, is used to ensure stable operation. If the version of the Fix is important or Security Fix is not included, applying the Fix is only recommended to clients who are experiencing specific issues.

serviceService Pack

Includes Hot Fix, Security Fix, and Fix, as well as various other fixes for resolved issues. Service Pack installation is recommended for all clients.

patch1General Patch

Released to resolve non-urgent bugs.

patch2Recommended Patch

Released to resolve urgent bugs that can cause system failure.

patch3Required Patch

Released to resolve very urgent bugs related to system errors or security issues.

ProBus 5.0
  • patch2
  • ProBus 5.0 Fix#2 EN
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