Title 2014 EOL/EOS Announcement for TIBERO Products

TIBERO announces the EOL/EOS dates for the product sales and service periods as shown below. 

1.  EOL/EOS Calendar      




EOL (End-of-Life)







2.    Support Services Based on EOL/EOS Dates




Extended Support (EMA)

Product Version Upgrades
(Major and Minor releases)

Functional Improvements and Additional Patches



Bug Patches

Online and Remote Support

Technical Support and Error Handling

Security Warnings

Product Certification




24/7/365 Ongoing Support for Service

          ※    With an extended maintenance service contract, support for bug patches is extended for an 

                additional three years.



3.    Note

l  After a product is discontinued, sales, technical support, and services related to the product is no longer available. TIBERO recommends clients with a maintenance contract to upgrade to the latest version of the product.

l  The next announcement is scheduled to be made in April 2015.



The EOL/EOS policy defines the product services and the service periods. It is internally used as the basis of the business plans for each product, and externally provides the criteria for the investment plans of each customer. TIBERO’s EOL date is four years after the release of the major version. The EOS date is one year after the EOL date. For products under the EOL/EOS policy, technical support is available for five years after the release of the major version.

l   EOL (End-of-Life)

End of sales date. A product can be sold during the four years after the release of a major version of the project. The major version of the project is discontinued after the EOL date.

l   EOS (End-of-Support)

End of product service date. One year after the EOL date. Official technical support service becomes unavailable after the EOS date. TIBERO recommends clients to upgrade to the newest version of the product before the EOS date.

l   EMA (Extended Maintenance)

Additional maintenance services can be provided to clients after the EOS date if a separate contract is established. During this separate contract period, maintenance services, excluding function enhancements and additional patches, can be provide.