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Intended Audience

This guide is intended for application program developers and database administrators (DBA) who intend to use tbPSM, the persistent stored module provided by Tibero® (hereafter Tibero).

Required Knowledge

The user must have knowledge of the following in order to understand this guide:

Document Scope

This guide does not contain all the information required to operate Tibero. For information related to installation, configuration, operation and management, refer to each relevant guide.


For more information about Tibero installation and configuration, refer to Tibero Installation Guide.


<AaBbCc123>Program source code file name
<Ctrl>+CHold down the Ctrl key and press the C key
[Button] Name of a GUI button or menu
Bold Emphasis
Italics Reference to another guide
" " (Double quotation marks)Reference to a chapter or section in this or another guide
'Input' User input on the screen
Email account, website, or a reference to other chapters or sections
>Proceeding order of menu
+----Files or directories exist in this directory
|----Files or directories do not exist in this directory


Reference or caution
[Figure 1.1] Figure caption
Commands, screen output after executing command, or sample code
{ }Required items
[ ]Optional items
|Selective items

Revision History


System Requirements

PlatformHP-UX 11i (IA64)
Solaris (Solaris 10)
AIX (PPC 5L/AIX 5.3)
GNU (X86-64, IA-64)
Linux kernel 2.6 or later
Windows (x86) 32-bit/64-bit
HardwareAt least 2.5 GB hard disk space
More than 1 GB RAM
CompilerPSM (C99 support needed)
tbESQL/C (C99 support needed)

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