Chapter 4. Tibero 6 FixSet05

Table of Contents

4.1. New Functions
4.1.1. DBMS Engine
4.1.2. Client Drivers
4.2. Modified Functions
4.2.1. DBMS Engine

This chapter describes functions added to or modified in Tibero 6 FixSet05.

4.1. New Functions

The following describes new functions added to Tibero 6 FixSet05.

4.1.1. DBMS Engine

The following functions have been added.

  • Tibero Active Storage (TAS)

    • Added the 'ascmd' command line tool to retrieve and manage TAS files.

      • Supports the following commands: cd, du, ls, lsds, pwd, and rm.

      • Can search and manage files with both absolute and relative paths.

    • Can use UNPREPARE in the "ALTER DISKSPACE" statement.

  • Static and Dynamic Views

    The following views and columns have been added.

    • V$BACKUP_SET view that shows backup information.

    • REQUIRED_MIRROR_FREE_MB and USABLE_FILE_MB columns for the V$AS_DISKSPACE[_STAT] views. The columns have free and available space information needed for disk spaces.

    • OBJD (segment ID) column for the V$BH view

    • DATA_TYPE_OWNER column for the [ALL|DBA|USER]_TAB_COLUMNS views

  • Data Definition Language (DDL)

    • Supports "ALTER DATABASE ADD BACKUPSET" DDL statement.


      For more information, refer to Tibero SQL Reference Guide.

  • PSM

    • Added the position, occurrence, and modifier parameters to the REGEXP_REPLACE function.

    • Can use the "MULTISET UNION ALL" statement.

    • Can fetch a reference cursor.

    • Can call the SOUNDEX function in PSM because the function is added to the standard package.

  • tbESQL

    • Added the ERROR_CODE and END_OF_FETCH options.

  • Batch Update

    • Can transfer messages after compressing them.

  • tbCLI

    • Added the FAN_CLI function for load balancing as an external daemon.

  • Static Cursor

    • Can declare a static cursor in a package and package body.

  • Recovery Manager (RMGR)

    • The following options have been added.

      --with-archivelogBacks up archive logs for hot backup. (Not supported in TAC)
      --for-standbyPerforms a backup and recovery to configure standby DBs.
    • Can compress data with the -c (--compression) option.

    • Can delete backup files.

      tbrmgr delete --backup_set SET_ID
      tbrmgr delete --until_time *****
    • Can perform a partial backup and recovery for each tablespace.

      tbrmgr backup/recover --tablespace ..
    • Can back up and recover a password file.

    • Provides backup information by using the V$BACKUP_SET view.

    • Supports various options and backup/recovery parameters, which can be checked by executing "tbmgr --help".

  • Package

    • Can redefine a local partition index.

  • Character Set

    • Can set simplified Chinese in NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE.

    • Added EUC-KR, UTF-8, and Shift-JIS character sets.

  • Optimizer

    • Can use and, or, and minus operators for context indexes.

    • Added the reference partition.

  • Snapshot

    • Records SQL_ID, snapshot time, and SQL text to trace.log if the following error occurs.


4.1.2. Client Drivers

The following functions have been added.

  • T-Up

    • For Oracle

      • Can migrate interval partitions.

      • Can migrate virtual columns.

      • Can analyze iBATIS xml files.

      • Provides UI to analyze SQL statements and select file types and extenstions.

    • For DB2 migration

      • Can migrate general tables and indexes. Partition tables cannot be migrated.

      • The default password for schema to migrate is 'tibero'.

      • For the system privilege, the 'CREATE SYNONYM', 'CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW', 'CREATE VIEW', and 'CREATE SESSION' privileges and 'RESOURCE' role are granted by default.

      • For the object privilege, the table-related 'UPDATE', 'REFERENCE', 'SELECT', 'INSERT', 'DELETE', and 'ALTER' privileges are granted.

      • DB2 schema owner's and definer's privileges are granted to Tibero schema.

  • tbLoader

    • Supports the NULLIF clause.

4.2. Modified Functions

The following describes functions modified in Tibero 6 FixSet05.

4.2.1. DBMS Engine

The following functions have been improved.

  • CM (Cluster Manager)

    • A single tbcm process can manage TAS and TAC. The resource concept is used to manage cluster components.

    • Added CM-dedicated environment variables (CM_SID and CM_HOME) and tip file.

    • Added the cmrctl and crfconf commands to manage resources.

    • Renamed the cm_guard process to tbcm_guard.

    • Displays CM_SID when retrieving information about the tbcm and tbcm_guard processes.

    • Modified the function of the "tbcm -s" command. Cluster information can be retrieved by using the cmrctl command.

    • Uses VIP aliases when an instance boots.

    • Provides VIP failover when an instance downs. When the instance boots, failback is performed automatically.

    • Downs cluster resources when split brain occurs due to an interconnection issue.

  • Stats

    • Improved performance of collecting statistics by adjusting the distinct hash bucket size (_DIST_AGGR_HASH_BUCKET_SIZE) according to sample_size in DBMS_STATS.

    • Collects statistics about an entire DB without calling the DBMS_STATS_RAISE_ERROR function even if a table error occurs when executing the GATHER_DATABASE_STATS and GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS procedures.

  • Statistics Collection

    • Does not collect statistics about global temporary tables because dynamic sampling is more effective for the tables.

  • PSM

    • Removed SHORT fom the list of reserved words.

  • Lock

    • Improved lock performance by using an RX lock for tables instead of an X lock if a partition is specified when performing DPI.

  • From_WGS84 and To_WGS84 Functions

    • Uses the wkt84 standard input/output type for the From_WGS84 and To_WGS84 functions.

  • Package

    • Creates constraints as well as DDL statements when executing DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL.