Chapter 16. 17000 ~ 17999

17001: Login failed: invalid user name or password.

CauseInvalid user name or password.
ActionVerify that the user name and password are correct.

17002: Password has expired.

CausePassword has expired.
ActionUpdate the password and then try again.

17004: Permission denied.

CauseThe action is unauthorized.
ActionObtain proper authorization and try again.

17005: The cascade option is required before revoking privileges.

CauseConstraints for using the corresponding reference object privilege exist.
ActionSpecify the cascade option.

17006: Account is locked.

CauseThe user's account is locked.
ActionUnlock the account.

17007: Password file is corrupted or missing: Unable to log in.

CauseThe password file is invalid or does not exist.
ActionA password file is created automatically if the server is behaving normally. Contact the technical support team.

17008: Unable to log in: server is booting up or shutting down.

CauseCannot log in when the server is booting or shutting down.
ActionLog on after the boot process finishes.

17009: Cannot change the password.

CausePassword cannot be changed.
ActionCheck the values of PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME and PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX in user profile settings. Ensure the password string is not too simple.

17010: The password has expired(grace).

CauseThe password has expired(grace).
ActionUpdate the password and then try again.

17011: Logon denied as CREATE SESSION privilege is not granted.

CauseThe user does not have CREATE SESSION privilege.
ActionGrant CREATE SESSION privilege to the user.

17012: Data integrity check about a TDE column failed.

CauseA TDE column has been modified by an adversary.
ActionPlease, contact your DBA.

17013: TDE encryption failed.

CauseTDE encryption failed.
ActionPlease, refer to tracelog.

17014: TDE decryption failed.

CauseTDE decryption failed.
ActionPlease, refer to tracelog.

17015: Cannot login with the crypto level %1$d.

CauseThe crypto level configured does not meet its prerequisite.
ActionCheck the crypto level and its requirements.

17016: Proxy login not allowed.

CauseA proxy user is not authorized to connect as a client.
ActionCheck requirements and limitations of proxy users.