Chapter 21. 23000 ~ 23999

23001: Unterminated comment.

CauseThe comment was not terminated.
ActionCheck the comment.

23002: Missing single quote.

CauseA closing single quotation mark is missing.
ActionCheck the use of single quotation marks.

23003: Missing double quote.

CauseA closing double quotation mark is missing.
ActionCheck the use of double quotation marks.

23004: Invalid identifier.

CauseInvalid identifier.
ActionVerify that the identifier is valid.

23005: Invalid concatenate operator.

CauseInvalid concatenate operator.
ActionVerify that a double-pipe concatenation operator

23006: Invalid not equal (!=) operator.

CauseInvalid comparison operator.
ActionVerify that one of the following was used: "!=", "^=", "~=" or "<>".

23007: Identifier is too long.

CauseThe identifier length exceeds the maximum allowed.
ActionEnsure the identifier contains less than 30 characters.

23008: String literal is too long.

CauseThe string constant is longer than 4,000 bytes.
ActionEnsure the string constant is shorter than 4,000 bytes.

23009: Missing parenthesis.

CauseA closing parenthesis is missing.
ActionCheck the use of parentheses.

23010: Identifier is too long (maximum of %1$d characters allowed).

CauseThe length of the identifier exceeded the maximum allowed.
ActionShorten the identifier.