Chapter 29. 60000 ~ 60999

60001: Internal error occurred at %1$s(%2$d).

CauseAn internal error occurred.
ActionContact the technical support team.

60002: Invalid command. Enter HELP or HELP <command>.

CauseInvalid command.
ActionVerify the command is correct.

60003: Unterminated string.

CauseThe string is not terminated.
ActionCheck that quotation marks are used correctly.

60004: Integer value is out of range (%1$d..%2$d).

CauseThe integer value is out of range for a SET command.
ActionSpecify a number within the range.

60005: Column type does not match.

CauseColumn type does not match.
ActionCheck the column type.

60006: No modifications to be saved.

CauseNothing was modified, so no changes will be saved.
ActionUse the command after performing the SQL statement more than once.

60007: Command buffer is empty.

CauseCommand buffer is empty.
ActionExecute an arbitrary command and then retry.

60008: Identifier is too long.

CauseThe identifier length exceeds the maximum allowed.
ActionEnsure the identifier contains less than 128 bytes.

60009: Foreign key does not match.

CauseThe foreign key or a primary key of the referenced table does not match.
ActionMatch the constraints between the two tables.

60010: External API error: %1$s.

CauseFailed to execute external library function.
ActionCheck the error message.

60100: Invalid option '%1$s'. Use <-h> or <--help> option.

CauseInvalid option.
ActionVerify the option is correct.

60101: Invalid time value.

CauseTime value is invalid or does not match the format.
ActionCheck the time value or check that the value matches the TIMEFORMAT parameter.

60102: Invalid time format.

CauseInvalid time format.
ActionRefer to the SQL Reference Guide to check that the format is valid.

60200: Failed to open the file '%1$s': %2$s.

CauseFailed to open file.
ActionCheck the error message.

60201: Failed to create thread: %1$s.

CauseFailed to create thread.
ActionCheck the error message.

60202: Failed to execute shell command: %1$s.

CauseFailed to execute shell command.
ActionCheck the error message.

60203: Failed to create process: %1$s.

CauseFailed to create process.
ActionCheck the error message.

60204: Failed to create socket: %1$s.

CauseFailed to create socket.
ActionCheck the error message.

60300: Not yet implemented.

CauseThis function has yet to be implemented.
ActionThis function will be supported in the next version.

60301: Not connected to the server.

CauseNot connected to the server or connection was lost.
ActionVerify there is an active connection to the server.

60302: Environment variable %1$s does not set.

CauseEnvironment variable %1$s has not been defined.
ActionDefine the variable.

60303: HELP for '%1$s' does not exist.

CauseThere is no HELP for the subject.
ActionTry another subject.

60304: Column '%1$s' does not fit.

CauseThe column is too long to fit on the line.
ActionLengthen the line or shorten the column.

60305: Numeric column was not found.

CauseFailed to find numeric column in the given table.
ActionVerify the primary key or the entire column.

60306: Primary key was not found.

CauseFailed to find primary key in the given table.
ActionVerify the numeric column or the entire column.

60307: Node was not found.

CauseFailed to find given node.
ActionAdd a node and then execute.

60308: Parameter '%1$s' was not found.

CauseFailed to find configuration parameter.
ActionVerify the parameter exist.

60400: Failed to verify: %1$s.

CauseFailed to verify.
ActionCheck the error message.

60401: Failed to push rows: %1$s.

CauseFailed to push rows.
ActionCheck the error message.

60700: The manager process already exists.

CauseThe manager process already exists.
ActionUse ATTACH command or stop the manager first.