Chapter 40. 400000 ~ 400999

400001: Java class loading has failed. (%1$s), for more details, refer to the stdout error file.

CauseThe jar files used in HBASE must be set in the environment variable.
ActionModify the CLASSPATH.

400002: jni error (%1$s)

Causejni error
Actionjni error

400003: A table connection error (%1$s) has occurred in HBASE. For more details about the table connection error, check the stdout error file.

CauseThe table name and column family must exist in HBASE.
ActionModify the definition of the HBASE table, and the column family of the query.

400004: The (%1$s) column is not assigned to a column family.

CauseA column must be assigned to a column family in order to perform a query on an HBASE TABLE.
ActionAdd the column, which is used in the query, to a column family. (columnfamily$column)

400005: The target column is not defined.

CauseA target column must be specified when data is inserted into an HBASE TABLE.
ActionSpecify the target column to insert the data. (columnfamily$column)

400006: A ROWKEY column is required.

CauseA ROWKEY column must be specified when inserting data into an HBASE TABLE.
ActionAdd a ROWKEY column.