Appendix B. 헤더 파일 예제

내용 목차

B.1. <atmi.h>
B.2. <tmaxapi.h>

B.1. <atmi.h>

Tmax 시스템을 사용하여 프로그램을 개발하기 위해 본 파일을 반드시 첨부해야 한다.

/* --------------------- usrinc/atmi.h ------------------------ */
/*								*/
/*              Copyright (c) 2000 - 2008 Tmax Soft Co., Ltd	*/
/*                   All Rights Reserved  			*/
/*								*/
/* ------------------------------------------------------------ */

#ifndef _TMAX_ATMI_H
#define _TMAX_ATMI_H

#ifdef __EXPORT
#undef __EXPORT
#ifdef _WIN32
#ifdef _TMAX4GL
#define __EXPORT __stdcall
#define __EXPORT __cdecl
#define __EXPORT
#ifndef THLVAR
#define THLVAR

/* Flags to tpinit() for Tuxeedo compatability */
#define TPU_MASK	0x00000007	
#define TPU_SIG		0x00000001	
#define TPU_DIP		0x00000002	
#define TPU_IGN		0x00000004	
#define TPSA_FASTPATH	0x00000008	
#define TPSA_PROTECTED	0x00000010	

#if defined(_TMAX_MTLIB) || defined(_MCONTEXT)
#define TPNULLCONTEXT    -2

/* ---------- flags from API ----- */
/* Most Significant Two Bytes are reserved for internal use */
#define TPNOFLAGS       0x00000000
#define TPNOBLOCK       0x00000001
#define TPSIGRSTRT      0x00000002
#define TPNOREPLY	      0x00000004
#define TPNOTRAN	       0x00000008
#define TPTRAN		        0x00000010
#define TPNOTIME	       0x00000020
#define TPNOGETANY	     0x00000040
#define TPGETANY	       0x00000080
#define TPNOCHANGE	     0x00000100
#define TPBLOCK	        0x00000200
#define TPCONV		        0x00000400
#define TPSENDONLY	     0x00000800
#define TPRECVONLY	     0x00001000
#define TPUDP           0x00002000
#define TPRQS		         0x00004000
#define TPFUNC		        0x00008000	/* API dependent functional flag */
#define	TPABSOLUTE	     (TPFUNC)
#define	TPACK		         (TPFUNC)
#define TPURGENT    	   (TPCONV)

/* --- flags used in tpstart() --- */
#define TPUNSOL_MASK	   0x00000007	
#define TPUNSOL_HND     0x00000001
#define TPUNSOL_IGN     0x00000002
#define TPUNSOL_POLL    0x00000004
#define TPUNIQUE	       0x00000010
#define TPONLYONE	      0x00000020
#if defined(_TMAX_MTLIB) || defined(_MCONTEXT)
#define TPMULTICONTEXTS 0x00000040

/* --- flags used in tpreturn() --- */
#define TPFAIL		       0x0001
#define TPSUCCESS	     0x0002
#define TPEXIT	        0x0004
#define TPDOWN		       0x0008
#define TP_FORWARD	    0x0010		   /* Internal use only */

/* --- return code used in tpreturn() for Messaging System --- */
#define TPFAIL_ACK	    -1

/* ------ flags for reply type check ----- */
#define TPREQ           0
#define TPERR           -1

/* -------- for Tuxedo Compatability ------- */
/* Flags to tpscmt() - Valid TP_COMMIT_CONTROL characteristic values */
#define TP_CMT_LOGGED  	0x01	   /* return after commit decision is logged */
#define TP_CMT_COMPLETE	0x02	   /* return after commit has completed */

/* Return values to tpchkauth() */
#define TPNOAUTH	      0	      /* no authentication */
#define TPSYSAUTH	     1	      /* system authentication */
#define TPAPPAUTH	     2	      /* system and application authentication */

#define XATMI_SERVICE_NAME_LENGTH 32	   /* where x must be > 15 */

struct clid_t {
    long clientdata[4];
typedef struct clid_t CLIENTID;

struct tpsvcinfo {
  char *data;
  long len;
  long flags;
  int	 cd;
  CLIENTID cltid;
typedef struct tpsvcinfo TPSVCINFO;

#if defined(_WIN32) || defined(_TMAX_MTLIB) || defined(_MCONTEXT)
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
int *__EXPORT _tmget_tperrno_addr(void);
long *__EXPORT _tmget_tpurcode_addr(void);

extern THLVAR int tperrno;
extern THLVAR long tpurcode;
#define tperrno	 (*_tmget_tperrno_addr())
#define tpurcode (*_tmget_tpurcode_addr())
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern int tperrno;
extern long tpurcode;

#define TPEMINNO	      1
#define TPEBADDESC	    2
#define TPEBLOCK	      3
#define TPEINVAL	      4
#define TPELIMIT	      5
#define TPENOENT	      6
#define TPEOS	         7
#define TPEPROTO	      9
#define TPESVCERR	     10
#define TPESVCFAIL	    11
#define TPESYSTEM	     12
#define TPETIME		      13
#define TPETRAN		      14
#define TPGOTSIG	      15
#define TPEITYPE	      17
#define TPEOTYPE	      18
#define TPEEVENT	      22
#define TPEMATCH	      23
#define TPENOREADY	    24
#define TPESECURITY	   25
#define TPEQFULL	      26
#define TPEQPURGE	     27
#define TPECLOSE	      28
#define TPESVRDOWN	    29
#define TPEPRESVC	     30
#define TPERDOWN     31
#define TPERDCLOSE   32
#define TPEMAXNO     33

/* ---- flags used in conv[]: don't use dummy flags ----*/
#define TPEV_DISCONIMM	 0x00000001
#define TPEV_SVCERR	    0x00000002
#define TPEV_SVCFAIL	   0x00000004
#define TPEV_SVCSUCC	   0x00000008
#define TPEV_CONVCLOSE	 0x00000010  /* don't use this flag */
#define TPEV_SENDONLY	  0x00000020
#define TPCONV_DUMMY1	  0x00000800  /* don't use this flag: TPSENDONLY */
#define TPCONV_DUMMY2	  0x00001000  /* don't use this flag: TPRECVONLY */
#define TPCONV_OUT	     0x00010000
#define TPCONV_IN	      0x00020000

#define X_OCTET		      "X_OCTET"
#define X_C_TYPE	      "X_C_TYPE"
#define X_COMMON	      "X_COMMON"

#define TMTYPEFAIL	     -1
#define TMTYPESUCC      0

#define MAXTIDENT	     16 /* max len of identifier */

#define MAX_MNAME_LENGTH  16

struct	tpstart_t {
  char	usrname[MAXTIDENT+2];	/* usr name */
  char	cltname[MAXTIDENT+2];	/* application client name */
  char  dompwd[MAX_PASSWD_LENGTH+2]; /* domain password */
  char  usrpwd[MAX_PASSWD_LENGTH+2]; /* passwd for usrid */
  int   flags;
typedef	struct	tpstart_t TPSTART_T;

/* X/Open Typed Buffer related Function */ 

#if defined (__cplusplus)
extern "C" {

/* ----- client API ----- */
int __EXPORT tpstart(TPSTART_T *);
int __EXPORT tpend(void);
char *__EXPORT  tpalloc(char *type,char *subtype, long size);
char *__EXPORT  tprealloc(char *ptr, long size);
long __EXPORT tptypes(char *ptr,char *type,char *subtype);
void __EXPORT tpfree(char *ptr);
int __EXPORT tpcall(char *svc, char *idata, long ilen, char **odata, 
       	      long *olen, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpacall(char *svc, char *data, long len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpgetrply(int *cd, char **data, long *len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpcancel(int cd);
char *__EXPORT  tpstrerror(int err_no);

/* ----- conversational API ----- */
int __EXPORT tpconnect(char *svc, char *data, long lenl, long flagsl);
int __EXPORT tpdiscon(int cd);
int __EXPORT tpsend(int cd, char *data, long lenl, long flagsl, long *revent);
int __EXPORT tprecv(int cd, char **data, long *len, long flagsl, long *revent);

/* ----- server API -------- */
void __EXPORT tpreturn(int rval, long rcode, char *data, long len, long flags);
void __EXPORT tpforward(char *svc, char *data, long len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpadvertise(char *svcname, void (* func) (TPSVCINFO *));
int __EXPORT tpunadvertise(char *svcname);

/* ----- etc API ----- */
int __EXPORT tpnotify(CLIENTID *id, char *data, long len, long flags);
int __EXPORT gettperrno(void);
long __EXPORT gettpurcode(void);

/* ----- multithread/multicontext API ----- */
int __EXPORT tpsetctxt(int ctxtid, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpgetctxt(int *ctxtid, long flags);

#if defined (__cplusplus)

#endif       /* end of _TMAX_ATMI_H  */

B.2. <tmaxapi.h>

이 헤더 파일은 Tmax 시스템에 의해 제공되는 비표준 함수를 포함한다.

Tmax 시스템을 사용하여 프로그램을 개발하기 위해 본 파일을 반드시 첨부해야 한다.

/* ------------------------ usrinc/tmaxapi.h ------------------ */
/*								*/
/*              Copyright (c) 2000 - 2008 Tmax Soft Co., Ltd	*/
/*                   All Rights Reserved  			*/
/*								*/
/* ------------------------------------------------------------ */

#ifndef _TMAXAPI_H
#define _TMAXAPI_H

#ifndef _CE_MODULE
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <usrinc/atmi.h>
#ifdef _WIN32
#ifdef _CE_MODULE
#include <winsock.h>
#include <winsock2.h>
#endif  /* _CE_MODULE */
#include <usrinc/svct.h>
#include <usrinc/sdl.h>
#ifndef ORA_PROC
#include <sys/socket.h>

/* client logout type */
#define CLIENT_PRUNED		         2

/* RQ Sub-queue type */
#define TMAX_ANY_QUEUE		        0
#define TMAX_FAIL_QUEUE		       1
#define TMAX_REQ_QUEUE		        2
#define TMAX_RPLY_QUEUE		       3
#define TMAX_MAX_QUEUE          4

extern char _rq_sub_queue_name[TMAX_MAX_QUEUE][XATMI_SERVICE_NAME_LENGTH];

/* RQ related macros */
#define RQ_NAME_LENGTH		       16

/* unsolicited msg type */
#define UNSOL_TPPOST		          1
#define UNSOL_TPBROADCAST	      2
#define UNSOL_TPNOTIFY		        3
#define UNSOL_TPSENDTOCLI	      4
#define UNSOL_ANY		             5

/* RM type */
#define ORACLE_TYPE     	       1
#define SYBASE_TYPE     	       2
#define INFORMIX_TYPE  		       3
#define DB2_TYPE        	       4

#define NONXA_MODE		            0
#define XA_MODE 		              1

/* Check SVCINFO cmds */
#define ISSVC_FORWARDED	0x00000001
#define ISSVC_NOREPLY	  0x00000002

/* TPEVCTL ctl_flags */
#define	TPEV_SVC	       0x00000001
#define	TPEV_PROC	      0x00000002

/* tpgethostaddr flags */
#define	GET_SVR_CON	    0x00000000
#define	GET_CUR_IP	     0x00000001

/* tmax_sq_get/tmax_sq_put flags */
#define TPSQ_PEEK	      0x00001000
#define TPSQ_UPDATE	    0x00002000
#define TPSQ_SYSKEY	    0x00004000
#define TPSQ_KEYGEN	    0x00008000

#define SQ_KEYLIST_T	   void*
#define SQ_KEYINFO_T	   sq_keyinfo_t
#define SQ_SYSKEY_SIZE	 16

struct sq_keyinfo_s {
    long keylen;
    long datalen;
    time_t starttime;
    char *key;

typedef struct sq_keyinfo_s sq_keyinfo_t;

struct tpevctl {
    long ctl_flags;
    long post_flags;
    char qname[RQ_NAME_LENGTH];

typedef struct tpevctl TPEVCTL;
typedef void __EXPORT Unsolfunc(char *, long, long);
#define TPUNSOLERR      ((Unsolfunc *) -1)

struct tptranid {
    int  info[3];
    int  flags;

typedef struct tptranid TPTRANID;

/* Multicast call related structures */
struct svglist {
    int	ns_entry;	  /* number of entries of s_list */
    int	nf_entry;	  /* number of entries of f_list */
    int *s_list;	   /* list of server group numbers */
    int *f_list;	   /* list of server group numbers */

/* Jun/23/2008 KANAKO TPMCALL_UPDATE <<start>> */
struct svglistx {
    int	ns_entry;	 /* number of entries of s_list */
    int	nf_entry;	 /* number of entries of f_list */
    int nr_entry;	 /* number of entries of r_list */
    int *s_list;	  /* list of server group numbers */
    int *f_list;	  /* list of server group numbers */
    int *r_list;	  /* list of tpurcode of each server group */
/* Jun/23/2008 KANAKO TPMCALL_UPDATE <<end>> */

/* My svrinfo */
#define TMAX_NAME_SIZE          16


typedef struct {
    int nodeno;	/* node index */
    int svgi;	  /* server group index; unique in the node */
    int svri;	  /* server index; unique in the node */
    int spri;	  /* server process index; unique in the node */
    int spr_seqno;	/* server process seqno ; unique in the server */
    int min, max;	/* min/max server process number */
    int clhi;	  /* for RDP only, corresponding CLH id */
    char nodename[TMAX_NAME_SIZE];
    char svgname[TMAX_NAME_SIZE];
    char svrname[TMAX_NAME_SIZE];
    char reserved_char[TMAX_NAME_SIZE];
    /* for more detail use tmadmin API */

#define MSGIDLEN        32
#define CORRIDLEN       32

typedef struct {               /* control parameters to queue primitives */
        int flags;             /* indicates which of the values are set */
        int deq_time;          /* absolute/relative  time for dequeuing */
        int priority;          /* enqueue priority */
        int diagnostic;        /* indicates reason for failure */
        char msgid[MSGIDLEN]; /* id of message before which to queue */
        char corrid[CORRIDLEN];/* correlation id used to identify message */
        char replyqueue[TMAX_NAME_SIZE];  /* queue name for reply message */
        char failurequeue[TMAX_NAME_SIZE];/* queue name for failure message */
        CLIENTID cltid;         /* client identifier for originating client */
        int urcode;            /* application user-return code */
        int appkey;            /* application authentication client key */
        int delivery_qos;
        int reply_qos;
        int exp_time;

#ifdef _WIN32
typedef int (__EXPORT *WinTmaxCallback)(WPARAM, LPARAM);

/* Macro functions */
#define tpalivechk()	tmax_chk_conn(0)

/* mode for IP-based ACL */
#define TMAX_ACL_ALLOW		0
#define TMAX_ACL_DENY		1

/* reserved mask value for IP-based ACL */
#define TMAX_ACL_IPADDR		32

#if defined (__cplusplus)
extern "C" {

/* ----- unsolicited messaging API ----- */
long __EXPORT tpsubscribe(char *eventexpr, char *filter, TPEVCTL *ctl, long flags);
long __EXPORT tpsubscribe2(char *eventexpr, char *svcname, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpunsubscribe(long sd, long flags);
int __EXPORT tppost(char *eventname, char *data, long len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpbroadcast(char *lnid, char *usrname, char *cltname, char *data,
	    long len, long flags);
Unsolfunc *__EXPORT tpsetunsol(Unsolfunc *func);
int __EXPORT tpsetunsol_flag(int flag);
int __EXPORT tpgetunsol(int type, char **data, long *len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpclearunsol(void);
int __EXPORT tpchkunsol(void);

/* ----- RQS API -------- */
int __EXPORT tpenq(char *qname, char *svc, char *data, long len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpdeq(char *qname, char *svc, char **data, long *len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpenq_ctl(char *qname, char *svc, TMQCTL *ctl, char *data, 
                       long len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpdeq_ctl(char *qname, char *svc, TMQCTL *ctl, char **data, 
                       long *len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpqstat(char *qname, long type);
int __EXPORT tpqsvcstat(char *qname, char *svc, long type);
int __EXPORT tpextsvcname(char *data, char *svc);
int __EXPORT tpextsvcinfo(char *data, char *svc, int *type, int *errcode);
int __EXPORT tpreissue(char *qname, char *filter, long flags);
char *__EXPORT tpsubqname(int type);

/* ----- server API -------- */
int __EXPORT tpgetminsvr(void); 
int __EXPORT tpgetmaxsvr(void);
int __EXPORT tpgetmaxuser(void);
int __EXPORT tpgetsvrseqno(void);
int __EXPORT tpgetmysvrid(void);
int __EXPORT tpgetmysvrno(void);
int __EXPORT tpgetmaxuser(void);
int __EXPORT tpsendtocli(int clid, char *data, long len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpgetclid(void);
int __EXPORT tpgetpeer_ipaddr(struct sockaddr *name, int *namelen);
int __EXPORT tpchkclid(int clid);
int __EXPORT tmax_clh_maxuser(void);
int __EXPORT tmax_my_svrinfo(TMAXSVRINFO*);
int __EXPORT tmax_cind2clid(int cind);
char *__EXPORT tpgetmynode(int *nodeno);
char *__EXPORT tpgetmysvg(void);
int __EXPORT tpgetmysvgno(void);
int __EXPORT tmax_is_restarted(void);
char *__EXPORT tpgetsvcname(int svci);
int __EXPORT tpsuspendtx(TPTRANID *tranid, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpresumetx(TPTRANID *tranid, long flags);

/* ----- etc API ----------- */
int __EXPORT tp_sleep(int sec);
int __EXPORT tptsleep(struct timeval *timeout);
int __EXPORT tp_usleep(int usec);
int __EXPORT tpset_timeout(int sec);
int __EXPORT tpget_timeout(void);
int __EXPORT tmaxreadenv(char *file, char *label);
char *__EXPORT tpgetenv(char* str);
int __EXPORT tpputenv(char* str);
int __EXPORT tpgetsockname(struct sockaddr *name, int *namelen);
int __EXPORT tpgetpeername(struct sockaddr *name, int *namelen);
int __EXPORT tpgetactivesvr(char *nodename, char **outbufp);
int __EXPORT tperrordetail(int i);
int __EXPORT tpreset(void);
int __EXPORT tptobackup(void);
struct svglist *__EXPORT 
    tpmcall(char *qname, char *svc, char *data, long len, long flags);
struct svglistx *__EXPORT 
    tpmcallx(char *svc, char *data, long len, long flags);
struct svglist *__EXPORT tpgetsvglist(char *svc, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpsvgcall(int svgno, char *qname, 
	char *svc, char *data, long len, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpflush(void);
char *__EXPORT tmaxlastsvc(char *idata, char *odata, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpgetorgnode(int clid);
int __EXPORT tpgetorgclh(int clid);
char *__EXPORT tpgetnodename(int nodeno);
int __EXPORT tpgetnodeno(char *nodename);
int __EXPORT tpgetasize(char *data);
int __EXPORT tpgettype(char *data);
char * __EXPORT tpgetsubtype(char *data);
int __EXPORT tpgetcliaddr(int clid, int *ip, int *port, long flags);
int __EXPORT tmax_chk_conn(int timeout);
int __EXPORT tpgethostaddr(int *ip, int *port, long flags);
char * __EXPORT tpgetdbsessionid(int flags);
int __EXPORT tpcallsvg(int svgno, char *svc, char *idata, long ilen, 
	char **odata, long *olen, long flags);
int __EXPORT tpacallsvg(int svgno, char *svc, char *data, long len, long flags);

#if defined(_WIN32)
int __EXPORT WinTmaxAcall(TPSTART_T *sinfo, HANDLE wHandle, unsigned int msgType,
	char *svc, char *sndbuf, int len, int flags);
int __EXPORT WinTmaxAcall2(TPSTART_T *sinfo, WinTmaxCallback fn,
	char *svc, char *sndbuf, int len, int flags);

#if !defined(_TMAX_KERNEL) && !defined(_TMAX_RCA_H)
/* ------- User supplied routines ---------- */
int __EXPORT tpsvrinit(int argc, char *argv[]);
int __EXPORT tpsvrdone(void);
void __EXPORT tpsvctimeout(TPSVCINFO *msg);
int __EXPORT _tmax_event_handler(char *progname, int pid, int tid, char *msg, 
                                 int flags);
int __EXPORT tpsetdbsessionid(char dbsessionid[MAX_DBSESSIONID_SIZE], int flags);
int __EXPORT tpprechk(void);

int __EXPORT get_clhfd(void);
int __EXPORT tmax_chk_svcinfo(int cmd);
int __EXPORT _tmax_main(int argc, char *argv[]);
int __EXPORT _tmax_cob_main(int argc, char *argv[]);
#if defined(_WIN32)
int __EXPORT _tmax_regfn(void *initFn, void *doneFn, void *timeoutFn, 
                         void *userMainFn);
int __EXPORT _tmax_regtab(int svcTabSz, _svc_t *svcTab, int funcTabSz, 
                          void *funcTab);
int __EXPORT _tmax_regsdl(int _sdl_table_size2, struct _sdl_struct_s *_sdl_table2,
	int _sdl_field_table_size2, struct _sdl_field_s *_sdl_field_table2);
int __EXPORT _tmax_regevthnd(void *evthndFn);
int __EXPORT _double_encode(char *in, char *out);
int __EXPORT _double_decode(char *in, char *out);
/* --- power builder interface API --- */
int __EXPORT _make_struct_from_pbindata(char *subtype, char *tpidata, int ilen, 
                                        char *indata);
int __EXPORT _make_field_from_pbindata(char **tpidata, char *indata);
int __EXPORT _make_pbodata_from_struct(char *subtype, char *odata, int olen, 
                                       char *tpodata);
int __EXPORT _make_pbodata_from_field(char *form, char *odata, char *tpodata);
int __EXPORT _make_pbfodata_from_field(char *fform, char *fodata, char *tpodata);
int __EXPORT _get_value_from_pbsdata(char *cur, char *vald);
int __EXPORT _get_name_value_from_pbfdata(char *cur, int *n2);
int __EXPORT _get_name_from_form(char *cur);
int __EXPORT _insert_value_to_pbodata(int type, char *out, char *in, int asize, 
                                      int asize2);
int __EXPORT tmax_get_db_usrname(char *svgname, char *usrname, int type);
int __EXPORT tmax_get_db_passwd(char *svgname, char *passwd, int type);
int __EXPORT tmax_get_db_tnsname(char *svgname, char *tnsname, int type);

int __EXPORT tmax_is_xa();

/* 4.0 Sp2 Fix1 added */
int __EXPORT tmax_get_svccnt();
int __EXPORT tmax_get_svclist(char *buf, int bufsize);

/* ----- SessionQ API ----------- */
int __EXPORT tmax_sq_put(char *key, long keylenl, char *data, long lenl, 
                         long flagsl);
int __EXPORT tmax_sq_get(char *key, long keylenl, char **data, long *lenl, 
                         long flagsl);
int __EXPORT tmax_sq_count(void);
int __EXPORT tmax_sq_purge(char *key, long keylenl);
int __EXPORT tmax_sq_keygen(char *key, long keylenl);
SQ_KEYLIST_T __EXPORT tmax_sq_getkeylist(char *key, long keylenl);

int __EXPORT tmax_gq_put(char *key, long keylenl, char *data, long lenl, 
                         long flagsl);
int __EXPORT tmax_gq_get(char *key, long keylenl, char **data, long *lenl,  
                         long flagsl);
int __EXPORT tmax_gq_count();
int __EXPORT tmax_gq_purge(char *key, long keylenl);
int __EXPORT tmax_gq_keygen(char *key, long keylenl);
SQ_KEYLIST_T __EXPORT tmax_gq_getkeylist(char *key, long keylenl);

int __EXPORT tmax_get_sessionid(void);
int __EXPORT tmax_keylist_count(SQ_KEYLIST_T keylist);
int __EXPORT tmax_keylist_getakey(SQ_KEYLIST_T keylist,int nth,SQ_KEYINFO_T *keyinfo);
int __EXPORT tmax_keylist_free(SQ_KEYLIST_T keylist);

int __EXPORT tpgetsprlist(char *svc,int svgno, int *starti, int *endi, long flagsl);
int __EXPORT tpspracall(char *svcname,int spri, char *data, long lenl, long flagsl);
int __EXPORT tpspracall2(char *svcname, int startspri, int nth, char *data, long lenl, 
                         long flagsl);

/* API for IP-based ACL */
int __EXPORT tmax_add_acl(int nodeno, char *ip, int mask, int mode, int flags);

#if defined (__cplusplus)

#endif       /* end of _TMAXAPI_H  */