Chapter 2. Tibero 6 FixSet07

Table of Contents

2.1. New Functions
2.1.1. DBMS Engine
2.1.2. Utilities
2.2. Modified Functions
2.2.1. DBMS Engine
2.2.2. Client Drivers
2.2.3. Utilities
2.3. Notice
2.3.1. Gateways in Each Platform
2.3.2. Modified Process Names

This chapter describes functions added to or modified in Tibero 6 FixSet07.

The following describes new functions added to Tibero 6 FixSet07.

The following functions have been added.

  • Character Sets

    • Added the Taiwanese character sets: ZHT16BIG5 and ZHT16MSWIN950.

    • Added the Japanese character set: SJISTILDE.

  • Context Index

    • Supports context index-sync on commit.

    • Supports context index local partitions.

  • DD/DDL

    • Supports 'including exchange'.

      • Can execute 'alter table exchange partition including indexes'.

      • Can rebuild the local partition index for a partition to be exchanged.

    • Added deferred unique constraints.

    • Added a system table and parameter for log-in audit.

    • Can modify a default tablespace of a partition index.

    • Added the 'update global indexes' option to the 'alter table [table_name] drop partition [partition_name]' statement.

    • Allows SYSAUD users to use the DBMS_AUDIT_EVENT package in Separation of Duties (SOD) environments.

  • Executor

    • Added the B number format.

    • Added over(partition by clause) for the LISTAGG function.

    • Added the GETNUMBERVAL function as an XMLType member function.

    • Supports XMLType (object type) in the LENGTH function.

    • Supports XMLType (CLOB) in the XMLSEQUENCE function.

    • Can use the NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS parameter for the TO_NUMBER function.

    • Added the MAC and RANDOMBYTES functions to the DBMS_CRYPTO package.

    • Supports the CONCAT, UPPER, LOWER, LIKE, TRIM, SUBSTR, INSTR, and PAD functions for NCLOB data.

    • Added TO_NCLOB and the function that processes NCLOB for REPLACE.

    • Added TO_BLOB.

    • Supports parallel merge into statements.

  • Frame

    • Added the CONSUMED_CPU_TIME column to V$SESSION.

    • Added the function that processes DPL messages after compressing them.

    • Added the following to DBMS_SCHEDULER.

      • STOP_JOB.

      • When registering a JOB, a day of week is supported in crontab expressions.

  • Optimizer

    • Can collect statistics about NVARCHAR and NCHAR columns.

    • Added mview refresh on commit for XA.

  • Parser

    • Supports UTF-8 full-width comma.

    • Added the cast(null as index by table or record) statement.

  • PSM

    • Added the UTL_I18N.UNESCAPE_REFERENCE function.

    • Added the UTL_I18N.TRANSLITERATE function. (Only supports kana_fwkatakana.)

    • Supports the TZ_OFFSET function.

    • Added the PSM preprocessor.

    • Can use out parameters for dynamic SQL.

    • Added SEQUENCE.CURRVAL function.

    • Supports the LENGTH(BLOB) function.

  • System view

    • Added the following views.

      • DBA_RSRC_PLANS view



      • DBA_RSRC_AUDIT view


  • TAC

    • Supports VIP for IPMP interfaces in Solaris.

  • TAS

    • Can perform rebalancing forcibly.

  • Tibero Cluster Manager (TBCM)

    • Can dynamically modify retry_cnt and retry_interval of the following resources: databases, Active Storages (AS), and Virtual IPs (VIP).

    • Can check local resources in all cluster nodes from a node by using cmrctl show all.

    • Added cmrctl show vip.

    • Can specify the failure count for cmrctl show db and cmrctl show as.

  • tbstat

    • Supports the tbstat library for Windows.

  • TSC

    • Can change the status of a primary tablespace to read only and read write.

    • Can dynamically configure a TSC environment.

  • Tx(+undo)

    • Added undo span.

The following describes functions modified in Tibero 6 FixSet07.

The following functions have been improved.

  • Cache

    • If LOG WRITER fails to write desired data, it retries as many times as the value specified.

  • Data Dictionary

    • Improved the performance of the [DBA|ALL|USER]_SEGMENT views.

    • Added the DEFERABLE and DEFERRED columns to the [DBA|ALL|USER]_SEGMENT views.

  • DDL

    • Cannot perform truncate even when processing 'grant all privileges' if USE_TRUNCATE_PRIVILEGE is set to N.

  • Executor

    • Improved the following for bind variable capture.

      • Allocates a fixed size of memory to a shared pool for bind variable capture at boot.

      • Removes an existing bind variable and saves a new variable if it fails to allocate memory for bind variable capture.

      • Added the flush function.

        SQL> alter system flush bvc;
    • Improved number sum aggregation.

    • Improved sort aggregation without group by.

  • Frame

    • Modified the default value of the TOTAL_SHM_SIZE parameter to 2 GB.

    • Modified the default value of the MEMORY_TARGET parameter to 4 GB.

    • The Resource Manager can control and monitor PEP sessions.

    • Improved resources-related views.

      • Can query resource information for each consumer group or session if the Resource Manager is used.

      • Added statistics such as consumed CPU time, yields, and read blocks.

  • Lock

    • Removed WLOCK DUMP because information about all locks can be queried through V$LOCK.

  • Optimizer

    • Improved trim, substr, and replace functions for VARCHAR data.

    • Improved the performance of queries with both 'rownum = 1' and 'order by desc'.

    • Allows a number without a decimal point to have a format with a decimal point (example, 9999D9999).

    • Improved the pruning performance when range predicate is used for LIST partitions.

    • Improved the accuracy of the DBMS_STATS histogram.

  • Parser

    • Improved the algorithm that analyzes join predicate when creating views.

    • Can use slashes (/) and asterisks (*) for hints. The following is an example.

    • Can use parallel hints without parameters.

  • PSM

    • Can modify the maximum size of a PSM bcode segment by using a parameter. (The size was fixed to 1 MB.)

  • TAC

    • When performing allocation and free of a large volume of temp extents in TAC, only a part of multiple tempfiles is used, which causes spinlock competitions. By reducing the competitions, the performance improved.

  • TAS

    • When performing rebalancing, if a target disk to which extents are tried to be moved is insufficient, the rebalancing fails. After a certain number of attempts, the target disk is replaced according to the following order.

      1. A disk in the same failure group as the original target disk

      2. A disk in a failure group that has no redundancy of the extents to move

      3. An arbitrary disk without mirroring

    • Can upgrade a control file in TAS environments.

  • Tibero Cluster Manager (TBCM)

    • Executing the 'cmrctl help' command displays relevant information by the action and resource type.

      cmrctl help
      Usage: cmrctl [action]
      cmrctl help
             cmrctl [action] [res_type]
      Action (action):
           add, del, show, start, stop, act, deact, modify
      Resource Types (res_type):
           file, network, cluster, service, as, db, vip 
    • When the CM resource file exists only in CM_RESOURCE_FILE_BACKUP, not in CM_RESOURCE_FILE, users can determine whether to boot CM with the backup file.

    • Can use a broadcast address for VIP.

    • Can add VIP without the root privilege (not recommended).

  • Tibero Performance Repository (TPR)

    • Improved the performance of deleting SQLTEXT, SQL_PLAN_STAT, and SQL_PLAN data.

    • Saves ping status between TAC nodes of the snapshot area, not the status at the time when the report is displayed.