Chapter 3. Tibero 6 FixSet06

Table of Contents

3.1. New Functions
3.1.1. DBMS Engine
3.1.2. Client Drivers
3.1.3. Utilities
3.2. Modified Functions
3.2.1. DBMS Engine

This chapter describes functions added to or modified in Tibero 6 FixSet06.

The following describes new functions added to Tibero 6 FixSet06.

The following functions have been added.

  • Tibero Active Storage (TAS)

    • Added the view that shows jobs running on all disk spaces mounted by a TAS instance.

    • Can authenticate an ascmd user.

    • Can back up and recover TAS meta data.

  • Tibero Standby Cluster (TSC)

    • Can switchover between TAC and TSC.

  • DATA

    • Can compress, encrypt, and deduplicate LOB data.

  • DD/DDL

    • Added the [ALL|USER|DBA]_TYPE_VERSIONS catalog views.

    • Added the [ALL|USER|DBA]_TAB_COLS views.

    • Added the NUM_NULLS column to the [ALL|USER|DBA]_TAB_COLUMNS views.


    • Added the TABLE_NAME column that has the same values as in the OBJECT_NAME column to the [ALL|USER|DBA]_CATALOG views.

    • Added the ELAPSED_TIME and END_TIME columns to the V$SESSION_LONGOPS view.

    • Added the BANNER column to the V$VERSION view.

    • Added the LTSN and ITSN columns related to DD versioning to the V$DDCACHE_INFO view.

    • Added the GV$SQL view.

    • Can use ALTER statements for external tables.

    • Added DDL statments for deferrable constraints.

    • Can encrypt a user password.

    • Added the disable option for the CREATE TRIGGER statement.

  • Executor

    • Can use partition outer join.

    • Can perform partial sort.

    • Added the xmlsequence(extract(xmltype)) function.

    • Supports the following deferred constraints.

      • not null constraint

      • check constraint

    • Added the SYS_TYPEID function.

  • Frame

    • Can check NULL for the AGNT deadlock detection logic.

    • Can retrieve OS statistics.

      • Added the COMMENTS column and statistics data about CPU and TCP to the V$OSSTAT2 view.

      • Added the CPU_NAME, PLATFORM_NAME, IP_ADDRESS, and OS_UPTIME columns to the V$DATABASE view.

    • Can get a host address with the USERENV function.

  • Character Set

    • Added MSWIN1253, MSWIN1256, ISO-8859-6, and ISO-8859-7 character sets.

  • Optimizer

    • Added the USE_CONCAT and NO_EXPAND hints.

    • Added partial Indexes.

    • Implemented range partition pruning for LIKE.

    • Can collect statistics about table subpartitions with DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS.

    • Added the block_sample parameter to the GATHER_[TABLE|SCHEMA|DICTIONARY|DATABASE]_STATS procedures in the DBMS_STATS package.

    • Added the url_charset parameter to the ESCAPE and UNESCAPE functions in the UTL_URL package.

    • Can use the relies_on function for a query result cache.

    • Added the DBMS_ALERT function.

  • PSM

    • Can inherit PSM objects.

    • Added the OWA_UTIL.WHO_CALLED_ME procedure.

    • Added the TO_NCHAR function.


  • Recovery

    • Can perform a hot backup for multiple tablespaces.

  • Recovery Manager (RMGR)

    • Removes relevant data files if a backup fails.

    • Added the V$BACKUPSET view.

    • Can perform a backup or recovery in parallel.

  • TPR (Tibero Performance Repository)

    • Added 'YES' and 'NO' to the TSC item in a TPR report.

The following describes functions modified in Tibero 6 FixSet06.